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Mk 02 - Cabernet Shiraz
Coonawarra Barossa

Two varieties
Of the incredible array of table wines produced in Australia since the 1800s, it is the amalgam of Cabernet & Shiraz that has made what is widely accepted as the country's greatest and has become internationally recognised as Australia's signature red.

Two regions
Of all the regions to grow Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, it is Coonawarra and the Barossa that have over time demonstrated both excellence and consistency in producing Australia's finest examples of each. Their respective climatic conditions are ideally suited to each variety, and provide the best possible components for this classic blend.

Two families
The partnership between the Lehmann & Hesketh families stretches back to the 1970's when Peter & Robert formed Masterson Wines. This was the genesis of Peter Lehmann Wines, and the collaboration that famously saved the livelihoods of many Barossa grape growers. Their sons Jonathon and Phil are the next generation working together, and it is their respective vineyards in Coonawarra and the Barossa that supply the fruit for this wine.

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Small Parcels

The Small Parcels range is dedicated to creativity. They allow winemaker Phil Lehmann to explore more exotic grape varieties, or to bottle special individual parcels from each vintage which might otherwise be blended away.

Saignée Rosé
Barossa Valley

The term Saignée derives from the French word for 'bleeding'; it is used to signify the extraction process (bled-off) of juice from the grape skins, to produce a Rosé wine. Our Rosé is made from the free-run juice of Mataro, Grenache, Tempranillo and Sangiovese grapes.

Barossa Valley

Although still rare to find outside of its native Italy, Negroamaro fruit for this wine is grown by the Kalleske family on their vineyard in the Koonunga Hill sub-district of the Barossa Valley.

Barossa Valley

An obscure variety, Bonvedro is known by approximately thirty different names, depending on where it is grown. In north-eastern Spain, where it originates, it goes by the name Parraleta. In Australia, it is often referred to as 'False Carignan', after mistakenly being identified as the Carignan variety for many decades.

Barossa Valley

Our Touriga fruit comes from the Tscharke family vineyard in the Seppeltsfield sub-district in the Barossa Valley. The vineyard is located on the eastern side of a ridge, positioned on the cusp of Seppeltsfield and Marananga - one of the most coveted locations within Australia's premiere growing region.

Barossa Valley

The Tscharke family also supply our Montepulciano fruit; grown on their vineyard in the highly regarded Stonewell sub-region on the Western side of the Barossa Valley.

Barossa Valley

Grown on a single vineyard in the Rosedale sub-district of the Barossa Valley - a climate not dissimilar to Tempranillo's natural environment in Spain - this low-elevated, south-western corner of the Valley is generally warm with minimal rainfall; well suited to this bold red variety.

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Regional Selections

The Regional Selections focuses on those particular varieties that are known to thrive in each region or sub-region; whether it be climate, elevation or soil profile, every growing location maintains certain attributes which result in one or two varieties flourishing ahead of their peers. The Regional Selections captures these.

Sauvignon Blanc
Adelaide Hills

Fruit for our Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills, a region that has gathered a strong reputation for young and fresh styled Sauvignon Blanc.

Clare Valley

The Clare Valley has long been acclaimed as the Riesling capital of Australia; we have sourced fruit from two of it's star pupils - Polish Hill and Watervale - to produce a sublime Riesling that highlights its regional characteristics.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Coonawarra and Cabernet Sauvignon have long been regarded as the power couple of the Australian wine industry. Fruit for our Cabernet is sourced from the southern end of the Coonawarra region upon the Williams family vineyard.

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is synonymous with Australian Shiraz and is home to the largest repository of old vine Shiraz in the country. Fruit for this wine is sourced from the Kalleske family vineyard in the Koonunga Hill sub-district of the Barossa Valley, where the warm climate and heavy clay soils are ideal for the production of soulful Shiraz.

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Madeline Alice
Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV

Graceful and refined, Madeline Alice Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV is bottle fermented in the traditional method, then aged on lees before disgorging and dosage. The result is a complex and elegant style of sparking wine.

The Black
Sparkling Shiraz NV

Vibrant and elegant, The Black Sparkling Shiraz NV strikes a good balance between extracting appropriate tannin for structure, while retaining natural fruit drive and aromatics. The result is a bright, full-bodied Sparkling Shiraz showing personality and character.

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Art Series

Our Art Series wines showcase the variety of high-quality fruit that is available right here on our doorstep. From McLaren Vale to Coonawarra to the Adelaide Hills and all the sub-regions that go with them, these wines aptly reflect the diversity present throughout South Australia.

Midday Somewhere Shiraz
South Australia

Fruit for this Shiraz is sourced from vineyards located in the warmer regions of South Australia where the climate produces fruit with a bold and generous flavour profile and firm tannins. Midday Somewhere is a medium-bodied wine with bright primary fruit characters partnered nicely alongside subtle hints of chocolate and spice.

Twist of Fate Cabernet Sauvignon
South Australia

Fruit for our Twist of Fate Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from a selection of premium vineyards within the South Australian growing region. To accentuate the bright moreish fruit notes, and create a vibrant, aromatic style of wine, we have chosen to restrict the use of oak during fermentation.

Wild at Heart Rosé
South Australia

Wild at Heart Rosé is made from the free-run juice of select premium red grape parcels. The fruit is picked at optimum ripeness and fermented in stainless steel to capture the fresh varietal notes. The limited skin contact results in a pale coloured Rosé with soft tannins and a crisp finish.

Lost Weekend Chardonnay
South Australia

Made in a fresh, aromatic style Lost Weekend has been crafted with measured oak influence to accentuate the varietal definition, palate structure and natural fruit notes of the wine. The resulting Chardonnay is clean and crisp with well balanced fruit sweetness and acidity.

Bright Young Things Sauvignon Blanc
South Australia

Bright Young Things is made from fruit grown in the cooler climate regions of South Australia. The lower temperature of these areas creates an extended ripening period, for the grapes, which results in abundance of flavour and crisp, natural acidity. A bright and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc that showcases vivid varietal characteristics.

Rules of Engagement Pinot Gris
South Australia

Rules of Engagement is a bright and aromatic style of wine which has benefited from the cooler climate regions in which it was grown. Sunny, yet cool days, and cold nights are ideal for the Pinot Gris grape, producing fruit with great length of acidity, natural varietal flavours and a mouthwatering freshness.

The Proposition Moscato
South Australia

Our Proposition Moscato is made in a crisp and fruit forward style. Following picking the grapes are immediately crushed and transferred to stainless steel fermenters before being bottled as early as possible to retain freshness. The resulting wine shows fruit driven sweetness balanced with good acidity and a touch of spritz.

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