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Alongside food, music, friendship and lively conversation, we believe Art is one of the great wine condiments. To build on this association, our labels have been designed to act as frames for the work of contemporary artists we have come to know and like. The art has also served a second and unexpected purpose, by providing us with the names for each of our wines.


Melissa Egan

Melissa Egan is Brisbane based and one of our favourite artists. The 'Wine Tasting' adorns the wall of our parents' dining room, and when we were contemplating the label for our first wine (Hidden Garden Sauvignon Blanc) it was the only choice for the label. This painting has also found its way onto our Clare Valley Riesling and Extra Virgin Olive Oil labels.

Melissa’s web site is at www.artegan.com.au where you will discover more of her fantastic art.


Hamish Macdonald

We first saw Hamish’s work back in 2000 when he painted our good friends David Burton and Jane McKee’s bridal table. This painting now appears on the label of our Barossa Shiraz, The Protagonist. Hamish was subsequently commissioned to produce the painting for our McLaren Vale Shiraz. A painting of a dinner we hosted with a group of friends - or the ‘Usual Suspects’ as Trish calls them.

Hamish lives in the South East of South Australia and you can find out more about him and his art at www.locostudio.com.au


Georgina Hart

All too often we find that the expression ‘six degrees of separation’ exaggerates how far apart we all are in this small world. I often find one degree is more appropriate – particularly in the wine world and even more so if you’re from Adelaide. When we discovered Georgina’s art work, we also found a family friend from our childhood whose married name prevented instant recognition. Georgina’s paintings appear on our Perfect Stranger Grüner Veltliner and our entire White Label range.

To discover more of Georgina’s wonderful paintings please go to www.georginahart.com


Ralph Hobbs

Ralph Hobbs is a very good friend, as well as being a talented artist by night and art dealer by day. At his wedding to Sophie, each menu was one of Ralph’s original sketches which we still have hanging in our home. During an extended weekend of red wine and cigars in 2008, he was commissioned to produce the painting for our Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon (Thirsty Dog) and has since provided his talents for our upcoming Carignan from the South of France (Accidental Tourist) and a self-portrait for our private label Cabernet Sauvignon, ‘The Dealer’.

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